About Us

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We are an experienced team of lawyers who specialise in motoring and road traffic law and regularly appear in the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

Each member of the team has differing experience but all share a common interest in motor cars and vehicles.  Such interests range from motorcycle and motorcar racing through to classic car restoration.

Our staff have ‘across the board experience’ in prosecuting and defending cases so we have first hand knowledge of how cases are constructed and what evidence is required to pass the Crown Prosecution Evidential Test. 

Our experience includes advising and representing police officers, and our firm is retained on a national list for this purpose.  We also write motoring columns for national magazines.

In addition to our legal skills we have both experience in motor vehicle construction and how defects can give rise to prosecutions.  We have access to forensic experts and regularly instruct highly skilled practitioners in analysing pre-accident events to enable us to properly defend allegations.

We are centrally based and offer a nationwide service throughout England and Wales.  Over the years we have built up an enviable reputation with considerable success representing drivers of cars and motorcycles.

If you have been accused of any motoring offence you should call us right away – remember losing your driving licence may result in you losing your job.