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I thought they were excellent people, special thanks to Andrew Holland.

If you believe your conviction and/or sentence is unfair, then you have an automatic right of appeal to the Crown Court, or in certain circumstances to the High Court.

In both cases there is a strict time limit and the Notice of Appeal must be lodged within 21 days of the date of the sentence in the Magistrates’ Court.

Where  you are appealing against your conviction it is classed as a re-hearing and all the evidence relied on will be heard once more.  However in the case of an appeal against sentence , the process is shorter and the Judge will only look at the fairness of your sentence.

When the appeal is lodged, we can, in some circumstances, apply to the Court for the the sentence (including disqualification) to  be suspended pending the outcome of your appeal.

The appeal process can be complex and the presentation of your case can be daunting so it is advisable to seek legal advice before embarking on this course.

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