Causing Death by Dangerous Driving

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Causing death by dangerous driving is the most serious motoring offence and carries a significant imprisonable sentence.

The offence is committed where your standard of driving has fallen far below the standard that would be expected of a careful and competent driver AND that driving was the cause of the death of another person.  The allegations may include, but not limited to, driving at very high speeds, aggressive driving, ignoring road signs and traffic markings. The circumstances can be aggravated if you commit this offence whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  As this is a serious offence, the case can only be heard in the Crown Court.


Causing death by dangerous driving allegations can be defended on the facts of the case and involve demonstrating to the Court that your driving was not far below the accepted standard, or that you did not cause the death of another person.  In addition to this, your vehicle may have been subjected to a mechanical failure which you could not have anticipated and therefore it is important that such defences include a thorough examination by a vehicle expert to support your defence.


These cases can only be tried in the Crown Court as they are too serious for the Magistrates’ Court.
The maximum penalty the Court can impose is 14 years imprisonment and the minimum disqualification is 2 years with a compulsory extended driving re-test.

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