Causing Death by driving : Unlicenced, Disqualified or Uninsured Drivers

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To prove this offence, all that is required is that you were driving your vehicle on a road and at the time you were not  licenced, or were disqualified, or uninsured, and as a result of your presence, a death occurred.

Unlike other offences of causing death with a vehicle,  the prosecution merely have to prove that the cause of death was that you were driving and at the time you neither had a licence, insurance or you were in fact disqualified.


That you had a valid driving licence or insurance or were not disqualified.


These cases can be dealt with either at the Crown Court or a Magistrates’ Court.

  • Crown Court – Maximum penalty 2 years imprisonment or a fine or both and a  minimum disqualification of 12 months with a discretionary driving re-test.
  • Magistrates’ Court – 6 months imprisonment or a  £5,000 fine or both and a  minimum disqualification of 12 months and a discretionary driving re-test.

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