Fail to Stop & Report Accident

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Where you are driving a motor vehicle on a road or public place and an accident occurs, then you have obligations.  However, the accident must involve either personal injury to someone other than yourself, or damage is caused to another vehicle, or to an animal or property situated on or near the road ,for the accident to become reportable. 

Your duties are stop and give certain details to any person who requires them - any failure to do so is an offence.   In addition , if those details are not exchanged at the time, then you need to be report those details to the police as soon as possible or within a certain time scale.  

It is important to realise this as any failure can lead to two separate offences being committed out of the one set of circumstances.


You may have a defence if  you can show that you did not know that an accident had occurred.  The police will seek to prove your knowledge on the surrounding circumstances such as witnesses who can comment on the collision and your actions thereafter.


These are serious allegations and the maximum sentence is 6 months imprisonment and/or a fine up to £5,000.  Your driving licence can be endorsed with up to 10 penalty points although the Court retains a discretionary power of disqualification.

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