Insurance Offences

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It is an offence for you to use, or to allow another person to use, a motor vehicle on a road or public place if you do not hold insurance which covers you against minimum risks.

The prosecution merely have to show  that you were using the vehicle at the time or that your vehicle was simply on the road.  It does not have to be driven and includes vehicles that are parked. 

It is not only an offence to use the vehicle but includes permitting another person to drive it or to cause them to drive.


The onus is on you to show that you were covered at the time so therefore it would be a defence if you have a valid insurance certificate.
In the case where you are an employee, it would be a statutory defence to show that you were employed by the owner of the vehicle and that you were driving it within the scope of your employment and that you did not know and had no reason to believe it was not covered by insurance.


The Court has power to order a fine up to a maximum of £5,000 and  endorse your driving licence with 6 to 8 penalty points but also retains a discretion to disqualify you from driving.

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