Notice of Intended Prosecution

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The law requires that for certain offences [including speeding] the driver must have been warned at the time of the offence OR served with a summons within 14 days OR had a written Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) served on him.

This area is complex and most drivers will only be aware that an offence has been alleged when the NIP is served on them as the registered keeper of the vehicle, or subsequently from information provided by the registered keeper.

There are strict time scales to be followed and often the NIP is accompanied with a demand to supply driver information from the registered keeper.  The purpose of an NIP is to ensure the driver of the vehicle is made aware of the offence as soon as possible.  The NIP must be sent by the Police to the registered keeper within 14 days of the alleged offence.

Often the NIP is accompanied with a demand to supply information as to the driver.  In this case, the registered keeper has 28 days to respond.  See Fail to Provide Driver Details.


This is a complex area and technical defences are available.The content,timing and transmission of such notices and documents will require scrutinising. 


This is merely an administrative legal procedure to bring the notice to your attention and it does not involved punishment.  However, for punishment for failure to supply information see Failure to Provide Driver Details.

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