Driver Knowledge - Speed

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Annually excessive speed is a contributory factor that causes the death of over 1,000 people and injures around 100,000.  Excessive speed can significantly increase the severity factor of an accident.

To combat these figures motorists are subjected to the ‘silent policing’ of approximately 6,000 cameras.

Your actions (or in many cases) your lapse of concentration can result in loss of your driving licence with devastating financial consequences.

As an alternative to prosecution (or the issue of a fixed penalty notice) some motorists (dependent on speed) are offered the opportunity to attend a short course.  There is a fee for attending the course and if successful you cannot attend another course for a period of 3 years.

The objects of the course;

  • Ascertain why the speed was used
  • Be aware of the consequences of excess speed
  • Recognise varying/different speed limits
  • Adopt differing strategies for coping with road hazards and adjusting speed

If you have been summoned for an offence of speeding and you accept you are guilty please contact us to discuss the benefits of attending a training course which can be used in mitigation at Court and potentially reduce your punishment.