Health and Safety

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Legally employers have a general duty to ensure the Health and Safety of their employees and to ensure the public are not put at risk by the way in which their staff conduct the business.

Work place accidents involving vehicles can lead to the company, and individuals, being prosecuted for Corporate Manslaughter, and breaches of Health and Safety law.  Additionally drivers, and, in certain circumstances the company, can be charged with contravening road traffic legislation.

Reduce accidents and exposure to litigation by carrying out risk assessments.

Risk Assessment examples

  • Type of vehicle driven
  • Condition of vehicle and maintenance
  • Driver timetable and route taken
  • Load carried
  • Driver’s additional tasks
  • Communication during journey

In the event of litigation, Courts will examine a Company’s policy, practices and procedures, and training given to staff to ascertain the blameworthiness of the management.

Risk assessments must be up to date and should be regularly reviewed.

To minimise risks we can arrange to carry out a Health and Safely health check; assess the risk and where necessary create appropriate policy(s) and provide training to your staff.